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"The fear of the Lord is the
beginning of knowledge" - Proverbs


 Welcome to Emanuel Lutheran Church.  We have been serving the faith needs of Tipton for over 100 years.  Please take a look at our site!  We have many events ongoing throughout the year.

Our Mission Statement:
 "As followers of Jesus Christ, we seek His strength through
His Word and Sacrament and seek to reach
out with the Good News of the Gospel."

                                                                                         Pastor's Message:

Cold, snow, little daylight, and my pants either shrunk or I ate too much over the holidays. January, I'm not a fan. Nevertheless, life goes on, and so does our proclamation of the Gospel so that others might be added to God's Kingdom.

Of course, we generally find sharing our faith with others to be intimidating and so don't do it although faith in Christ comes from hearing the message! Yet, read and consider the following story.

There was a gentleman driving down a country road one cold January day when sure enough, he gets a flat tire. With the wind blowing and his hands getting colder, he rummages through the trunk only to discover that while he has a spare tire, there is no jack. Discouraged, he notices a farmhouse in the distance and says to himself, "I'll walk the half-mile and borrow the farmers' jack." As the stranded motorist approaches the house, he starts to feel down having to depend on someone else. As he gets nearer to the farmhouse, he begins to expect rejection and starts to become angry and even a little defensive. "All I want to do is ask a simple question," he says to himself, "Why must the door get slammed in my face?" Drawing closer to the house he begins to project to the farmer the rejection he senses and by the time he actually knocks on the farmhouse door and the farmer opens it, the motorist yells, "Keep your jack!"

The man had convinced himself beforehand what kind of a response he was going to get but we must realize that so very often our outlook and expectations will determine the result. In other words, don't assume that your sharing Christ or inviting someone to church will result in rejection...how do you know?

Jesus calls his followers to put their lamps on a lamp stand so that others may see. In this cold, dark, wintery month let the light of your faith shine through the darkness and bring the light of salvation into someone's life.

Until next month...

Serving our Savior,

Pastor Robb Roloff


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