Luther’s Seal

Luther’s Seal represents the essentials of the Gospel:

The black cross represents the total depravity of man and the tremendous sacrifice Christ made by giving up his life for the ungodly.

The red heart represents the love of God in sending His own Son to give his life for the salvation of the elect. Salvation is all grace, God’s gift.

The white rose represents the sinlessness and joy of Jesus Christ our Savior, and the cleansing and happiness we receive by his justifying grace. Having five petals, it also represents the five great truths of the Protestant Reformation: sinners are saved by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, on the basis of Scripture Alone to the Glory of God Alone.

The blue background represents the glories of heaven that await those who believe by faith alone in the sovereign King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

The gold ring which surrounds the blue background represents the most precious treasure in all the universe: eternal life and blessedness in Jesus Christ.