April 7, 2019

"Press On" based upon Philippians 3:8-14
(Hymn of the Day: What Is the World to Me? #730)

April 14, 2019 (Palm Sunday)

"Triumph or Tragedy?" based upon John 12:12-19
(Hymn of the Day: All Glory, Laud, and Honor #442)


April 18, 2019 (Maundy Thursday) 7 p.m.


April 19, 2019 (Good Friday) 7 p.m.

April 21, 2019 (Easter)

"What Will It Be Like?" based upon Isaiah 65:17-25
(Hymn of the Day: Jesus Lives! The Victory's Won #490)


April 28, 2019

"Christ Coming with Clouds" based upon Revelation 1:4-18 by Rev. Stout
(Hymn of the Day: At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing #633)




Note: Mid-week Lenten services take place every Wednesday at 6:15