Our Worship Services are being conducted in the church parking lot for the foreseeable future. Easter worship will begin at 9:30. Please park cars facing the building and tune into 89.9 FM to hear the service which I will conduct in front of the church.


Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship will be from 12 noon till 3 and again from 6 to 7. Please call the church office at 765-675-4090 to schedule a time.





















March 1, 2020

"Get Lost!" based upon Matthew 4:1-11
(Hymn of the Day: O Christ, You Walked the Road #424)

March 8, 2020

"What Does the Scripture Say?" based upon Romans 4:1-8 by Pastor Dave Stout
(Hymn of the Day: The Law of God Is Good and Wise #579)

March 15, 2020

"Don't Harden Your Hearts" based upon Psalm 95:1-9
(Hymn of the Day: Jesus Sinners Doth Receive #609)


March 22, 2020

"Must You See to Believe?" based upon John 9:1-41
(Hymn of the Day: Amazing Grace #744)


March 29, 2020

"Dead Body...Living Spirit" based upon Romans 8:1-11

(Hymn of the Day: Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus #685)


Mid-Week Lenten Wednesday Services begin at 6:15 pm