A Message from the Pastor         


A number of years ago, before they let fathers in the delivery room, there is the story of three expectant fathers in a hospital waiting room, hanging out to hear news concerning the birth of their first child.

After a while, a nurse came in and told the first father that his wife had given birth to twins! “That’s awesome” the father responded, “I’m the manger for the Minnesota Twins baseball team…what are the odds?”

A short time later, another nurse came in and told the second father that he was now the proud father of triplets! “Oh, that’s so cool” he replied, “I work for 3M.”

The third father could see another nurse down the hallway heading for their room and suddenly jumped out the window.

“Where’s he going the nurse asked?”

“Oh” replied the first father, “He works for Seven Up.”

Babies…who doesn’t like a newborn? But admittedly, they sure can change your life and are a lot of work, but it’s needed if they are to grow up healthy and into adulthood. Don’t feed them or take care of them and their growth will be affected, and I think we’ve all at the very least seen what malnourished children look like on television…it’s heart breaking. I clearly remember my first visit to a third world country and seeing what hungry children look like in person. It certainly changes you and your outlook on life.

If you didn’t know, children who don’t get sufficient food with nutrients tend to be much smaller and weaker than those who do, and they can’t fight off diseases or infections like healthy children can, and so have a much higher mortality rate.

Yet, while we can see and perceive this malnutrition in children or adults, as well as the dangerous effects it causes…the same thing actually occurs spiritually to folks who have not been fed God’s Word or His blessed Sacrament. The truth, is that, there are millions of people today in our country, community, and families, who were born in the Church, fed God’s Word, but who have since starved themselves to the point where they have stunted their growth as Christians. Individuals who have become spiritually weak, so weak as a matter of fact, that they have become very susceptible to the devils attacks…that is, if they haven’t already spiritually starved themselves to eternal death.

I’m pretty sure we all know someone who falls into this category of being spiritually malnourished perhaps even to the point of spiritual death. Maybe it’s you, a friend, or a dear loved one. But the message is this…no matter where a person is in their life, so long as a person is still breathing, we live in a time of grace, and faith can be strengthened and even restored to those who’ve lost theirs. So, as we progress through this new year of 2019, I’d ask that you make a concerted effort to invite those who currently are not being fed God’s eternal life giving Word back to the “dinner table” and to likewise ensure that you yourself are fed on a daily and weekly basis.

The days are growing short; the day of grace will soon come to an end, so there is no time like the present.

Until next month….

Pastor Roloff