Church Ministries

Lutherans for Life
February:     Rev. Charles Ferry, Missionary
March:          Orphan Grain Train
April:             Worship for Shut-Ins
May:               Emanuel Food Pantry
June:              Tipton County Mustard Seed
July:               Lutheran Hour Ministries
August:         Lutheran Child & Family Services
September:  Ministry to the Armed Forces
October:        Bethesda
November:   Emanuel Social Services Fund
December:    Joint Seminary Fund
Lenten Envelopes:  Emanuel Social Services Fund
Thanksgiving Day: 
LCMS World Relief
Advent Envelopes:  Lutheran Blind Mission
Christmas Eve:         General Budget
Christmas Day:         General Budget

Parish Health Ministry is a ministry of Christian Service shaped by Christ's concern for all aspects of the human condition and directed to the service of the whole person.
You can find February's Parish Nursing Ministry article here.

In June, Emanuel will be delivering Meals on Wheels. Contact LaVella Bills with questions or to volunteer to help.

Please consider supporting a missionary!
Rev. Charles Ferry and his family are serving our Lord in Southern Asia, Indonesia to be specific, and they could certainly use your prayers and financial support.
"Chuck" and Pastor Roloff are friends and learned Greek together in Milwaukee before attending the Seminary together. To support Rev. Ferry, his family, and their work, you can send a tax-deductible gift to:
P.O. Box 790089
St. Louis, MO 63179
Mark your checks "Support of Charles Ferry"
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