Church Boards

Board of Elders Chairman: Bob Ferguson

Paul North
(Families "A-B")

Tony Jackson
(Families "C-F")

Kurt Pratt
(Families "G-H")

Tim Henderson
(Families "I-L")

Gary Langley
(Families "M-O")

Doug Caylor
(Families "P-R")

Jim Dashiell
(Families "S")

Rob Berndt
(Families "T-Z")
Congregational Chairman: Larry Wolfe

Vice Chairman: Jim Dashiell

Secretary to the Board & Record Keeper: Rob Berndt

Other Boards, etc. (Chairmen Only)
ABC and Me at Emanuel Childcare: Christi Dolezal
Adult Choir: Marsha Martin
Altar Guild: Jean Moeller
Child Care Committee: Pat Burden
(Board of) Christian Education: Karen Grimes
(Board of) Evangelism: Darin Pratt
(Board of) Fellowship: Kathy Larson
(Board of) Human Care: LaVella Bills
(Board of) Property: Louis Wolford
(Board of) Stewardship: Bruce Schulenburg
Sunday School Superintendent: vacant
Treasurer: Mary Heffelmire
Trust Fund: Charlie Smith
(Board of) Youth: Charles Teuscher
Youth Choir: Marsha Martin
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