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1385 S. Main St.                 On State Road 19, Across                  Worship Times
P.O. Box F                           from the 4-H Grounds, and              First Service: 8:15 a.m.
Tipton, IN 46072               South of Tipton Elementary            Bible Study: 9:30 a.m.
(765) 675-4090                  School.                                                  Second Service: 10:45 a.m.

By God’s blessing, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is committed to being strongly in the Word, Christ-centered and people-sensitive, reaching out boldly with the Gospel, faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, and marked by peace and unity in the Lord.

                                                                                 Apostles' Creed
                                                                                  Nicene Creed
                                                                              Athanasian Creed

For more information about our beliefs and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, please go to http://www.lcms.org/

     Pastor's Bio
Rev. Dr. Robb William Roloff
Rev. Dr. Roloff is a native of Brown Deer, WI,
a suburb of Milwaukee. After graduating
from High School in 1980, he attended
Milwaukee Area Technical College, and
earned 3 Associate degrees. He went on to
have a career as a mechanical engineer,
which included his receiving 2 U.S. patents.

Rev. Dr. Roloff earned his Bachelors degree
from Excelsior College in 2003, and in 2008
he received his Master of Divinity Degree from
Concordia Seminary St. Louis, and was called
to Emanuel that same year.

Rev. Dr. Roloff in May 2017 completed his
Doctor of Ministry degree at Concordia
Theological Seminary Fort Wayne.

Church Groups
We at Emanuel have many opportunities for you to use your God-given talents.
If you are interested in joining any of the groups, please contact the leader listed under the group's name.
We always welcome new faces!

Click on the picture to learn more about each of our church groups here at Emanuel.


Church Boards
There are many church boards here at Emanuel which help keep our church running.
A list of these boards, as well as which elder is assigned to which families, may be found here.

History of Our Church

The Church in 1859

Our first church, "St. John's Lutheran Church" housed the congregation from 1859 until approximately 1892. St. John's merged with Emanuel at Tipton in approximately 1892. This old log church had been protected from the elements by a frame barn which had been built over and around the church structure by the farmer who purchased it and the land. The Emanuel congregation approved the relocation of Old St. John's in 1991. Restoration work began in Spring of 1992, removing the surrounding barn, and moving it as a unit to its new home behind Emanuel Lutheran Church.

A multitude of items, special financial support, and much labor was donated by members and friends of Emanuel Lutheran Church to preserve the 140-year-old St. John's Church building as a structure to the glory of God and for worship by today's and future generations.

The Church in 1905
When St. John's and Emanuel became one congregation, it was decided that a new church building was needed. In 1905, a new brick church building was erected on Fairview Avenue in Tipton. A parsonage was also raised in the following years. An Assembly Hall was built across the street from the church in 1928, to accommodate the Christian Day School, Ladies Aid, and youth activities. A teacherage was purchased in 1945 and then sold in 1948. That same year, a new teacherage was built on Jackson Street. In 1966, a new church building site was purchased. The final service at the church on Fairview was held November 26, 1967. The lots on Fairview Avenue, on which the old church stood, were sold in 1979. In 1988, the school was closed and then sold in 1989. In 1991, the teacherage was sold.

The Church Today

The church building you see today was originally built in 1966. A canopy was added to the north side of the building in 1987. An extensive expansion and renovation of our church building was started in 1990, and dedicated in 1991. We enclosed our courtyard for classrooms, a music room, an upstairs Youth Room, an Altar Guild/Acolyte/Banner Storage Room, a Gift Center & Library, addition of handicap-accessible restrooms, administrative remodeling of Pastor's office and secretary's work area, brick restoration and sealing, ceiling insulation, window and door replacement, reroof and flashing of the building. The pews of the church were re-covered in 1993. A Daycare was established in 1995. A new addition was built to house the growing Daycare for its classrooms, a new kitchen, child care offices, handicap-accessible restrooms, and a gym (named "Koinonia Hall"). A Food Pantry was established in 2009. New to our family parlor/nursery is a closed circuit television so that those in that room during the worship service can still be connected to what is happening in the sanctuary.


By The Way!

Luther's Seal represents the essentials of the Gospel
The black cross represents the total depravity of man and the tremendous sacrifice Christ made by giving up His life for the ungodly.
The red heart represents the love of God in sending His own Son to give His life for the salvation of the elect. Salvation is all grace, God's gift.
The white rose represents the sinlessness and joy of Jesus Christ our Savior, and the cleansing and happiness we receive by his justifying grace. Having five petals, it also represents the five great truths of the Protestant Reformation: sinners are saved by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, on the basis of Scripture Alone to the Glory of God Alone.
The blue background represents the glories of heaven that await those who believe by faith alone in the sovereign King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.
The gold ring which surrounds the blue background represents the most precious treasure in all the universe: eternal life and blessedness in Jesus Christ.
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